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I am moving across the country in a little over a week. Last day I will be shipping from Oregon will be August 11th. I will resuming shipping around August 30th. Meanwhile, another breeder will be shipping feeders and bulk nymph orders only while I am gone. I have a bunch of ghosts and cat eye nymphs that I have put up at a discount for bulk orders. I will resume shipping smaller quantities when we get settled in our new home.

We were hotter than 99.8 percent of the world!

Yea that’s right. The last 3 days were the highest on record here with Monday being the highest at 116. I will just take their word for it as I didn’t set a foot outside. I was going to, but when you open the door and it feels like when you open your oven after preheating it, that’s an emphatic “NOPE” for me.

Orders will be going out Wednesday. Today will be close to 100, with tomorrow being under 90. Just makes more sense. All 3 day orders made on or before June 28th to are being upgraded to 2nd day. If the weather in your area is expected to be too high on the expected delivery day, I will most likely be holding your order unless we have some prearranged agreement about it being held at the post office.

Talkin’ bout a heatwave… and please email me agian if no response within 48 hours!

Hi Everyone! How are youuuu? Good good. Me? Oh I am just great, thanks for asking! It has been hot as Satan’s ba… back. Satan’s back, yea, but other than that it has been great. As the title says, please email me again if no response within 48 hours. I am not ignoring you, but some emails just slip through the cracks. Also, yahoo and aol are still blocking my email often so I sometimes respond and do not get notification that you didn’t get it until you email again letting me know or I get an automated message days later.

Due to the heat, there has been an increase of DOA’s and I am getting pretty close to requiring express only on most packages. I know it sucks. Everyone keeps saying “but its not hot where I am”, but please keep in mind that it can travel through multiple states and THOSE states could be very hot. Express is always the best option for live critters. UPS second day is next, but I have had several packages take 3 days even on UPS 2nd day. I will continue to allow the other options for now and see how things go over the next couple of weeks. Keep in mind that even with insulation and cold packs, the package only stays cold for 24 hours.

Taking a shipping break for 1 week!

I am taking a much needed break from shipping nymphs for 1 week. All feeder only and dry goods orders will be shipped out as normal (my wife handles most of that). Nymphs purchased by May 12th, 9pm PST will also be shipped out as normal. Any orders containing nymphs after that time will be shipped out the week of May 24th unless pre-arranged personally (I know some of you need them for shows/expos. I got ya!) I really just need some time to recoup. My job is working us pretty hard (yes, I work a normal 9-5) and I’m getting burned out between that and staying up late feeding nymphs and packaging orders, running on just a few hours of sleep. I know you guys will understand, and thank you for your patience!

Having said that. Several species will be available to purchase immediately that should be ready to ship by the week of the 24th. Please check below and reserve your nymphs! Stock should be fully updated by 11pm PST Wednesday night.

Please, PLEASE take note that they will NOT be shipping until the week of the 24th at the earliest (if not ready that week, may be 1 week longer). Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Also, if I do not respond to your email within 48 hours, PLEASE email me again. I am not ignoring you, I may have just missed it. The easiest way to get a hold of me is through FB messenger as I am generally checking that regularly throughout the day.