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Mantid Kingdom

Praying mantids and feeder insects!

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First group of Idolomantis added, and more.

***UPDATE*** Second group that hatched this morning was just added.  Just a few days behind the first.

There are now Idolomantis nymphs available.  It was a small hatch of around 50, but obviously I am keeping a large group for breeding.  There will be more to come within the next week or 2.  There are also several dead leaf species available, including truncata.  I am still waiting on orchids.  An ooth hatched but not enough nymphs to list for sale.  I generally only list if 20+ will be available.  I am expecting the others to hatch any day.

If you have an existing order and wish to add things before it is shipped, please let me know.

Spiny Flower, Panthers, Boxers, Violins, and Thistles available

The reptile expo in Portland, OR this weekend was amazing, as always.  It was nice to meet some of you in person!

I have updated the available list of mantids.

I have been adding wholesale prices to many of my products, but only wholesale accounts can see them.  If you order often, please create an account as that is the only way I can grant special pricing.  There is no need to request it.  I do it for those I notice order quite often.

House Fly Pupae

I have had some issues with the last batch of house fly pupae not hatching.  I am not exactly sure what happened but I think it was an issue on my end and not my suppliers.  I got a new fridge and did not check the temp they were being kept at and it possibly was too cold.  At least that is the only reason I can think of.  None of mine are hatching and I am assuming none of the ones sent out either.  If you ordered house fly pupae in the last 2 weeks, please contact me (I will be contacting people this weekend either way) and we can work something out.  I apologize for the inconvenience.


Sale update

Discounts fixed for truncata and ephestiasula for larger quantities.  It should discount properly now.

Choeradodis and illudens have not been listed yet as I have a limited amount and want to list only what makes it to L2.  I will however be adding them to the site so people can add themselves to the wait notification list.

If you want to be one of those people that always seem to get here first when new species arrive, then follow me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to be updated on what’s happening in Mantid Kingdom. I often post pictures to announce when ooths hatch.