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Mantid Kingdom

Praying mantids and feeder insects!

Big sale coming soon


I have had a LARGE number of nymphs hatch over the past week and half, which means LOTS of time separating, feeding, etc.  Without getting into a long story, my job will be very demanding of my time for the next couple of months.  Soooo…. my plan is to get rid of as many nymphs as possible over the next 2 weeks.  I will be posting several species for sale at discounted rates for multiple quantities, including some that I usually never have sales for such as orchids, truncata, and mendica.  Current list of species I will be listing over the next day or 2 are:

  • Hymenopus coronatus (Malaysian Orchid Mantis)
  • Phyllocrania illudens – much like regular ghosts mantids, but a little larger
  • Pseudocreobotra ocellata (African Flower Mantis)
  • Deroplatys lobata (Dead Leaf Mantis)
  • Deroplatys desiccata (Dead Leaf Mantis)
  • Deroplatys truncata (Dead Leaf Mantis)
  • Eremiaphila sp. (Desert Mantis)
  • Ephestiasula pictipes (Boxer Mantis)
  • SEXED PAIRS of Blepharopsis mendica (Thistle Mantis)
  • Choeradodis sp. – Yes, I will finally sell some.  Only expecting to sell around 25 or so.

Just as with last time, the best pricing will be for the pre-orders, meaning the species that are not ready to ship yet (currently orchids, and all 3 dead leaf species).  I sell these at lower rates because they are still L1 and the wait for them to ship at L2 can be a week or 2.  This really helps me as I can separate out only what has been ordered ahead of time instead of separating a ton of nymphs that may not even get sold (feeding them separately takes waaaay more time).  Please be patient and read the description to know if there will be a wait on your order.  I usually have the estimated shipping date in big bold red letters in the description.

OH, and if you want to be one of those people that always seem to get here first when new species arrive, then follow me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to be updated on what’s happening in Mantid Kingdom.  I often post pictures to announce when ooths hatch.